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Spykes is a free fun game developed by RWR Soft. In this game you are in control of the grumpy fish. Tap the screen and avoid the spikes. Let’s see how many of them you can dodge. It’s your life

Submarine Dives

Submarine Dive is a funny game in which skills and hand-eye coordination is essential. The player controls the submarine using the white joystick on the right side of the screen and progresses in exploring the deep sea , collecting as

Fly Eagle

Fly Eagle is a funny arcade game, where you control the eagle touching the screen. How far can you get?

Destroy the Invaders

Destroy the Invaders is a shoot’em up game, developed by RWR Soft. You must survive and take how many bonuses you can and kill the invaders, so you can make points and lives. Are you ready to accept the challenge?